Custom Designs

Custom glazing designs can really enhance the overall appearance of a home, giving you more control over the particular aesthetic you are trying to create. Crafting your own bespoke design for glazing is easier than ever with Truemans.

Our experienced team of glaziers and craftsmen will help you create a bespoke design that is perfectly matched to the needs of your project. With custom designs available in a range of different materials: from bespoke lead work to custom textures, Truemans are one of the best specialist glazing companies in the Lancashire area.

Features and benefits of our custom designs

  • Bespoke, custom designs available in a range of materials; from custom lead work to coloured glass and bevelled glazing
  • Available in a range of glass textures including; Contora, Charcoal Sticks, Pelerine, Warwick, Oak, Digital, Everglade, Mayflower, Florielle, Taffeta, Minster, Chantilly, Stipployte, Cotswold, Arctic, Sycamore, Flemish and Autumn