Polycarbonate Roofs

We supply our high quality polycarbonate roofs using the market-leading, Global roof system by Synseal. These utilise the latest developments in conservatory roof design can be fitted easily, and quickly, to any window profile.
Featuring slim, coordinated sightlines and an attractive, modern design, a Global polycarbonate roof uses no drilled holes for enhanced aesthetics and performance. Thanks to their user-friendly design, Global polycarbonate roofs are also incredibly easy to install, saving your team time and effort when it comes to the installation process.
All of our conservatory roofs have been manufactured to British Board of Agreement standards, ensuring that your product is of the highest quality and meets the required standards.

Features and benefits of our polycarbonate roofs

  • 25mm or 35mm options available
  • Ease of installation
  • No drilled holes means improved aesthetics and no leaks
  • Can be fitted to any window profile
  • Global uPVC parts extruded by Synseal, using the latest technology, for exceptional quality and performance
  • Engineered to allow installation from the inside
  • Coordinated sightlines to ensure high quality aesthetics
  • M8 fixing bolt in the central groove ensures rafters hook directly into position
  • Panels tested to a weight of 310kg
  • Manufactured to British Board of Agreement (BAA) standards