uPVC Bi-folding Doors

One of the most popular home improvement products on the market today, uPVC bi-folding doors represent the height of technical innovation. Utilising concertina folds, door panels on a bi-fold can be folded into a small space, allowing maximum sunlight and access.

An impressive alternative to in-line patio doors, or French doors, our uPVC bi-folding doors are supplied by market-leading manufacturer Eurocell in the Aspect profile. Our doors are available in a range of configurations, styles and colours to suit the demands of any project. With the option of multipoint locking, our bi-fold doors are some of the most secure currently available.

Features and benefits of our uPVC bi-folding doors

  • Eurocell 70mm system
  • Bespoke made, from sizes 1600mm wide to 6.0 metres wide
  • Easy glide operation
  • Door panels fold back fully, optimising the opening area
  • Suitable alternative to In-line patio doors or French doors
  • Hardware bottom running
  • Ideal for conservatories or extensions leading into the garden
  • Internally glazed single leg bead
  • Multipoint locking
  • No special profile required
  • Inward or outward opening
  • Available in a wide range of foiled finished